I miss him

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I miss himI miss him, your heart whispers a silent thought yet your mind denies the fact that you really do.

Break ups are normal. It is a part of every person’s developing life and to be able to accept the fact that you miss someone makes you close to finally accepting that there are people who stay and there are those who simply can’t stay.

After break ups, girls usually go through stages of healing before finally accepting the fact that the relationship has finally ended and by admitting to oneself I miss him, or you really miss the person makes you even closer to acceptance.

The first stage that a girl has to go through after a break up is anger. Frustration and anger mixed together are normal. Unable to accept that the relationship has ended makes every girl angry, to herself or to the guy. More anger and frustration even triggers the girl’s emotion when she finds out that she had been replaced with someone else or was cheated. Tears will flow like a river and regrets will be a part of your sentiments although at the back of your help, I miss him, is what you are still screaming.

After that comes denial. Denying that the other person has finally decided to move on leaving you behind will leave you to greater course of denial and here comes the feeling of the girl wanting to say I miss him but still in denial about feeling the feeling.

Break ups are normal and healing is a process. You cannot pass through the final stage without passing by the stages before that. Denial is the second stage of the process towards healing a broken heart. After that comes hoping in a reconciliation. It is not bad to hope that something can reconcile but in the process of healing a break up, girls usually dreamily hopes for this reconciliation to take place.

Lastly, come acceptance. This is the last step that you have to undergo through for you to have a fully recovered heart. Although you may think to yourself, I miss him; you have already come to accept that no matter how hard you try to make your relationship work, the other party has already left you and has moved on with his or her life.
Moving on is also a process, it is not about forgetting what you have been through but learning to accept that the best things in life are a matter of mind setting and although you may tell yourself, I miss him, the fact that it has already ended still remain to be the same.

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